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Game Preview - Blue Devils vs Yellowjackets

The West Haven Blue Devils are set up to go up against the East Haven Yellowjackets. The yellowjackets enter play with a 2-4-0 record, two games below the .500wp% mark. The Devils are hoping to come off a two game losing streak with a win, the Devils have a 5-2-0 record. This is a rivalry game and everyone loves a good rivalry game. The devils will be playing with heavy hearts with the recent loss of Paul Hotchkiss. The hockey team will also be honoring its Team Manger, Sammy Hotchkiss. The Devils hockey team will be wearing camo jerseys with a green ribbon for cerebral palsy.

This is going to be an intense rivalry game but East Haven has been struggling, so it may not be a close game. The game is set up for 1:00 pm EST at Bennett Rink.


1st Period - Blue Devils 2 1 East Haven

2nd Period-Blue Devils 3 1 East Haven

3rd Period-Blue Devils 4 2 East Haven

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