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Francisco Lindor Joins 30-for-30 Club With Doubleheader Blasts

Francisco Lindor plays elite defense at shortstop, he can hit for power on both sides along with never missing a game, but most importantly he always holds himself accountable. Oh yea, he also is part of the 30-for-30 club.

Last night, the New York Mets played a doubleheader against the Miami Marlins. It would go down as a split and the Mets would move to a throw-away 72-86, but what’s more important is that their players are still grinding away.

Francisco Lindor hit a shot in game one and followed it up with a two-for in game two. Three home runs in two games would propel Lindor to the 30 home runs, complementing that is 30 stolen bases. A 30-30 year for the Mets’ switch-hitter as New York’s season continues to come to a close.

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