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Franchy Cordero's Run Was Yankees' Version Of 'Linsanity'

So the Franchy Cordero went from being deemed by fans as ‘2023 version of 2022 resurgence Matt Carpenter’ to “how the heck is they guy getting regular at-bats?!” in less than a month.

From April 3rd to April 12th Cordero was one of the best hitters on the team, even leading New York in RBIs. Ever since then he has turned the hype train into a train wreck, going 5-for-43 (.116) in his last 15 games.

Last night after his 0-for effort he would then be optioned down to triple-AAA, making room for the .300+ hitting Jake Bauers.

The last seven games saw Cordy go hitless and striking out 50% of the time in his 16 at-bats. Those last 15 games did have 3 home runs, but 5 total hits and splits of .116 / .136 / .326 would be an enough lack of production to get him the boot.

Nevertheless what Franchy Cordero did in his hot-run span, and the effect he had on both fans and media was Bronx’s version of ‘Linsanity’ in baseball.

'Linsanity' took place back in the 2011/12 NBA season when New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin quickly rose from an average player to an international star. Lin went on an unstoppable hot streak, which took place over a couple weeks before fading back into obscurity.

People throw around the term “Linsanity Run” a lot, but Franchy truly lived up to the definition of Linsanity. Two weeks of being the greatest player ever and then falling off a cliff.

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