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Former Bills' Punter Matt Araiza Has Gang Rape Charges Dropped After Being Proved Innocent

Former Buffalo Bills punter Matt Araiza will be dropped from a civil lawsuit accusing him and others of gang rape.

An investigation would find out that Araiza was not even in the area when the alleged rape occur.

A press release from Araiza’s attorneys said “the win is bittersweet.”

“Matt has been forced to defend himself for the last sixteen months against false accusations and a campaign to ruin his career in the NFL. He will never get this time in his life back,” it said.

Araiza has reserved the right to pursue legal action against the plaintiff’s attorney and law office, according to his attorney.

Despite his innocence, the false accusation that led to him being released with headlines labeling him as a rapist will always follow Araiza.

Araiza is a former sixth-round selection by the Bills and was considered as one of the best kickers when drafted. Being labeled as “Punt God”, Araiza looks to get back in the league and said that his agent has been in contact with several teams.

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