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FDA Bans Juul E-cigs In The U.S.

On June 23rd it was announced by the FDA that Juul electronic cigarettes will be removed and banned from the U.S. market. The FDA denied authorization to Juul for all of its products currently marketed in the U.S., sending a massive blow to the company that was once among both tobacco giants and Silicon Valley investors. The FDA said in a statement on Thursday that Juul must stop selling and distributing the products with those already out in stores to be removed with the company risking enforcement action if they don’t comply. The ban of Juul comes as a rise of teenage smoking and use of e-cigarettes have increased over the past several years. Juul is owned by the tobacco company Altria, which is on the stock market, has seen its shares go up as going into Friday Altria (MO) is up by 0.69 points (+1.62) so far in Pre-Market trading.

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