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Ex-Angels Employee Gets 22-Years In Death Of Tyler Skaggs

Former Los Angeles Angels employee Eric Kay was sentenced to 22-years in a federal prison. The sentencing came on Tuesday, October 11th, to Kay who played part of LA Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs death. Kay provided Skaggs drugs that would lead to his overdose death in Texas.

Prosecutors presented evidence of Kay, 48, making derogatory comments about Skaggs, his family, prosecutors and jurors in phone calls and emails after he was convicted in February. While on a phone call in prison, Kay said, "I hope people realize what a piece of s--- Skaggs was... Well he's dead, so f--- him." The 22-year prison stay comes as the judge said that Kay's "refusal to accept responsibility and even be remorseful for something you caused," led to the above minimum sentencing.

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