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Devils Suffer a Heart Breaking Loss vs Yellow Jackets

The West Haven Blue Devils suffer a heart breaking loss as they fall to the East Haven Yellowjackets 2-1. The Devils scored in the first period and couldn't come up with anything after that. It was a close game overall as it was a 1-1 tie going into the 3rd, but with just under 6 minutes left the Yellowjackets scored. The Devils tried to make a rally, but it did no good as they would lose their third straight game, and they would lose their second straight game to a team below the .500 mark.

West Haven will move to 5-3, East Haven Co-op will move to 3-4 after the win. This was a very emotional game for the Devils as they were playing with heavy hearts after the recent passing of Paul Hotchkiss. Before the game the Devils had a ceremony for its Team Manger #6 Sammy Hotchkiss, who they had drop the first puck. The Devils are getting ready for their next game against Fairfield Prep at Wonderland.

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