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Devils Shutout Rival Amity in 6-0 Win

The Blue Devils did it again as they get another shutout this season in a 6-0 win vs long time rival Amity. This is the Devils second shutout of the season in just three games, yes three games. Devils Goalie Jared Pliszka has been on point all season and its really not a surprise with the amount of talent he has, this is Jared's second shutout. The Devils scored at least once every period with the most points coming in the first period as they scored four.

This was such a big rivalry game as the line to get in made about a twenty minute wait, plus it was standing room only pretty much once you got in. That was all worth it though as like always the Devils put on a show and a clinic, maybe Amity will take down some notes and actually do a somewhat decent job next game. The Devils remain undefeated, moving to 3-0-0 as Amity yet to win moves to 0-2-0.

Man of the match - Jared Pliszka - Goalie - Senior

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