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Daniel Jones Is Not A Primetime QB: Here’s Why

Updated: May 18, 2023

Daniel Jones has been in the NFL since the 2019 season, spending his entire career so far with the New York Giants. Jones is yet to lead the New York team to a winning season as his best W-L season came in 2020 where he had a 5-9 record. The Giants have gone 14-26 under Danny Dimes, one of the biggest factors to that sub .500% record is primetime football. Daniel Jones has been the Giants’ QB in a total of nine NFL Primetime games (two in ‘19, three in ‘20, three in ‘21 and one in ‘22). Daniel Jones has not one a single primetime game, making him 0-9 in that span. That record alone would give Jones a sub .500% record if all those games were played in the same season. Daniel Jones is not a primetime Quarterback as he falls again and again under pressure.

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