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Can Zack Robinson Win Back To Back Championships?

Stafford Motor Speedway Street Stock driver Zack Robinson is currently leading the Street Stock Division points with a ten point lead over Megan Fuller. Robinson, who won the championship last year has a total of 460 points with four wins in eleven starts which gives him a win percentage of 36.4%, overall in his career at the historic Stafford Speedway. He has 16 wins which places him 65th overall in all-time wins.

Megan Fuller has had what is a solid season so far with two wins in eleven starts. She won the last feature which was raced on the 18th, but with a 3rd place finish by Robinson she was not able to come out the leader, but she was able to shrink the deficient. Fuller has become a threat every race for the win over the last season and a half, getting a total of 8 wins in 39 starts leading to a win percentage all-time of a very good 20.5%. She sits 10 points back with 450 points.

Sitting in third place in the point standings,14 points out is Chris Meyer with 446 points. With two wins on the season, he is having what is an fantastic season so far, as he has finished inside the top-10, ten times out of the eleven races ran so far this season. Meyer, who has gotten all of his career wins this season (2) is having what is truly a breakout season and making is name for himself.

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