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Buck Showalter Is Set to Lead the Mets to Success

Updated: May 17, 2023

The New York Mets have been on the downside ever since the end of 2016. Now once again they have a new manager under the name Buck Showalter in hopes to bring them to success. Buck Showalter has a 1551-1517 managerial record through 20 years and four teams with most of his success coming with the New York Yankees where he had a 313-268 record over four years. Showalter has spent nine of his managing years with the Baltimore Orioles and went 669-684 with the team, Showalter was responsible for the rise and fall of the team as he foresaw the team go into the playoffs and then fall into irrelevance and multiple 100+ loss seasons. Overall Showalter is a great manager who has set teams up for success and has been to the playoffs, set him up with an owner who doesn't care about money and has already made several of the bigger free agent signings this offseason and you get a recipe for success. The Mets led in the NL East for over half of the 2021 MLB season, and they did not even finish over .500% at the end, Mets fans need some excitement and someone who cares about the state of the team, and they now have it.

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