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Brooklyn Nets Gets Swept By Boston Celtics In Early Round One Exit

Updated: May 18, 2023

The Brooklyn Nets went 44-38 this 2021/22 NBA regular season, with late season injuries and trades it was hard to say the state of the team, nevertheless they were still a championship favorite. Due to the instability of the team late they fell into a play-in spot, going up against the Cleveland Cavaliers they won 115-108 to advance into the first round. The new set of games featured the Boston Celtics, a long time rival of the New York basketball teams. Many favored the Nets to win in six games over the Boston based team, no one would have expected what was to come next.

Game 1: BOS 115 14 BKN, a heart breaker with Kyrie Irving cursing out fans featured a massive loss in momentum right off the bat. Game 2: BOS 114 104 BKN, lack of defense along with offensive mistakes led to a 10-point win for the Celtics. Game 3: BOS 109 103 BKN, Irving and Durant struggle to carry the team as Ben Simmions is still M.I.A, but is expected to be in game four. Game 4: BOS 116 112 BKN, the Brooklyn Nets have been swept by the Boston Celtics in four games, defense was non-existent during the entire series with the offense missing several opportunities in all four games.

No person whatsoever could have imagined the Nets to be swept, an early start to the offseason gives the team more time to think and prepare for offseason moves. Change is to come in Brooklyn.

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