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Bronx Bummers Put Up Worst Month Since 2003

Updated: May 18, 2023

The Bronx Bombers turned into the Bronx Summer Bummers this most recent month of August. A true struggle of a team that once held almost a 20 game lead pre all-star break, has now turned into a fight to stay in first place. The Yankees absolutely imploded post all-star break and went 9-17 in the month of August. That 9-17 lack of effort depressing campaign for the summer month mark two new records for the Yankees: Most losses in a single calendar month (17) along with most losses in the month of August (17). Frankly the team looked like they didn't even want to play, which is that saddest thing about it. A team that was on pace for a 121 win season now may not even break 90 wins.

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