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Brewers Embarrass Mets 'Super Money Team' In 19-0 Run

The New York Mets seemed to have no pay ceiling this offseason, signing

multiple players to massive contracts in a bid for the 2023 World Series title.

The most notable signing is of closer Edwin Diaz, who put his signature on a 5-year/$102M contract, making him the highest paid relief pitcher in MLB history. Diaz suffered a season-ending injury during a celebration after a Puerto Rico WBC win, putting the trumpets silent for all of 2023.

MLB will pay Diaz’s 2023 contract portion due to the injury occurring in the WBC, even so New York has dedicated a lot of money towards this team.

The 2023 Mets’ have a payroll of roughly $225,558,333 if you take out the Diaz contract. Safe to say the New York Mets are all-in on a championship this season.

Things have not started out well though for the Mets’ as they stand at 3-2, being shut out by the Milwaukee Brewers in back-to-back games. The offense has been silent like an old lady in a library as the pitching side of defense has shown the Mets’ faithful an early version of what a multi-million hell looks like.

The Milwaukee Brewers have a payroll that is $200M less than New York’s and have outscored the Mets’ squad 19-0 in the first two games of what is a three-game set. A 3-3 .500 plagues the Mets as they could be put below .500% early on to start the season, overall this is a very good and healthy team, it is essentially the same squad that won 101 games last season.

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