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Blue Devils Hockey Season Recap


The West Haven Blue Devils Hockey team had a very good season, improving from 2018/19 where they had a 10-10-0 record. Having a very powerful 5-0-0 start to the 2019/20 season they went into a little slump, losing their next five games. After that little glitch in the season they got momentum again winning their last six of the last ten games with a tie in the middle vs Xavier to go 11-8-1.

The Devils had several shutouts and blowouts this season, at one point getting one of their biggest franchise wins vs Guilford in week 1, winning 7-0. The Devils had a new coach this season, that being former North Haven assistant coach Steve Harris, Harris will end his inaugural season with the Devils a winner. The Devils did make the playoffs but due to COVID-19 concerns as the CIAC canceled all remaining winter sport tournaments. Without a doubt, they would've went deep into the playoffs.


The Blue Devils had a very good rookie/freshman class being led by Ben Carfora who won Division One Freshman of The Year. Ben had not only the speed but the talent as well. Kevin Gardner had a pretty average season for a freshman. The final freshman, being Zack Forbes was sidelined for a majority of the season due to a concussion, but when he was on the ice he impressed.

The Sophomores made noise this season as the class of 2021 had the likes of Nico Bruneau, Mike Alfano, Dj Carfora, Joe D'Aurio and Anthony Peschell. Nico Bruneau was the NYSS player of the game in week one and continued to preform and be a threat. Mike Alfano played a huge part in the mid part of the season, being a frequent player to get the puck in the net. Dj Carfora preformed all season long, he was unstoppable. Joe D'Aurio was a beast on defense, there was no stopping him. Anthony Peschell played Defense, he poured his heart and soul every time he stepped on the ice.

The Junior class had players that preformed at 200% all season long. Ryan Smith was the only Junior Defensive man this season, Smith did a fantastic job as he kept the puck on the other teams side of the ice time after time. Nick Boanno did amazing on the puck drops as he played Left Wing, he never disappointed. Conner fowler played Right Wing and just like Boanno, he never disappointed. Charlie Miller will be Starting Goalie next season, you can expect a lot of shutouts. Mike Kelly had the C on his jersey, and he deserved to wear it, the amount of talent he has in incredible.

The Senior class was one of the best I've ever seen in my six years of attending Blue Devils Hockey games, as it was led by powerhouse Goalie Jared Pliszka who would end up getting 2nd Team ALL-SCC. Pliszka made so many impressive saves and blocks during the season it was like you were watching a NHL goalie out there, the amount of talent Pliszka has is off the charts! Robbie Forleo was everything you want out of a defenseman as he would get 1st Team ALL-SCC. Kevin Moriarty would get 2nd Team ALL-SCC and he was the prefect example of a power Forward. Sean Dupre had one of the best name chants I've ever heard as he was introduced at the start of every game, Dupre was a defenseman and a great one too. Colin Hines was also a defenseman, it was almost impossible to get by him on the ice. Nick Carfora was amazing when it came to the puck drop, he is everything you want in a hockey player. Rich Greene made goal after goal this season and played a big part in the season.


The Devils Den fan section had to be one of the best in the country, as no matter where the game was the student section was packed. The Devils Den competed in the CTHS Hockey SS Top 5 and placed second. The Den made it out for all 20 games, plus a scrimmage post season due to the cancelling of the playoffs. The Devils Den is the definition of a fan section.

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