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Bills End Mike White's Fairy Tale Run

Updated: May 17, 2023

In a span of three weeks the world has seen the rise and fall of a quarterbacks’ career. That QB is Mike White who just several days ago was talked out to be this era’s Tom Brady and had his jersey put in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, now many people are off the White train after a truly depressing performance. Yesterday the New York Jets (2-6) took on AFC East rivals the Buffalo Bills (5-3) at MetLife Stadium, with Jets star QB Zach Wilson out with a PCL injury we would see Mike White once again get the start. White’s last game featured an up and down affair, but he was out with less than 10 complete passes due to a wrist injury. Mike White’s last full game was against one of the best defenses and offenses, the Cincinnati Bengals, that was also his debut start. Mike White had a historic game as he threw for over 400 yards to lead the Jets to an upset victory, 34-31.

Yesterday when White took the field against the Bills the Jets were already viewed as the underdogs due to Buffalo having the best defense in football. Mike White took the field with a smile on his face, he left the field going to the injury tent after throwing 4 Interceptions to give him a total of 8 INTs on the season. Overall if you just look at that you would think that White is a bust, but really you cannot blame him for yesterday's 45-17 blowout loss. Poor guy was running for his life every play, the Jets O-line did not do the job, despite that White still went 24-44 passing with 251 yards and a touchdown. The Jets defense was almost non-existent in this game, did the turnovers kill the team? Yes they did, but it is also up to the defense to hold the game.

Is Mike White’s career over? Well if Zach Wilson is back to being healthy he will definitely get the start, if not we can see Joe Flacco in the QB slot as he went 3-3 with a touchdown after coming in post Mike White injury at game's end.

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