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Back Surgery May Be Considered With Carlos Rodon's latest Rehab Fail

Updated: May 19, 2023

The same people who applauded the New York Yankees signing of Carlos Rodon are now the same people saying “what the fu*k is going on.”

Once again Rodon has suffered a setback in rehab and it is looking like he is this era’s version of Carl Pavano. The main reason teams were uneasy with offering Rodon a long-term contract was due to his injury history and fears that he would not be consistently healthy. Obviously that was not an issue for Brian Cashman as the Yankees signed Rodon to a 6-year/$162M contract.

Carlos Rodon has not seen any regular season action yet as his Yankees debut has been on hold due to back problems.

Yankees Manager Aaron Boone said, “He can’t get over that final hump.” The pitcher doesn’t feel any pain in his back, it just feels ‘off.’

More medical opinions are to come and the possibility of back surgery may be on the table. Nevertheless Rodon would miss a majority of the season anyways as his time back to the majors is now being speculated to be around mid August, with no surgery.

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