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Are The New York Mets In Trouble?

Updated: May 17, 2023

The New York Mets are the best team in the NL East division, but they are in a load of trouble as they are 3-7 in their last ten games played. The Mets sit with a 55-51 first place record in the East with the Phillies right behind them (54-53 / 1.5GB.) The lack of success is due to poor managing and injuries, but luckily the NLE is much like the NFCE as every team seems to be very inconsistent this season.

It was announced just several days ago that ace Jacob deGrom has been set back in his rehab assignment, pushing him back to September. To also add with that on the offensive side the New York Mets have countless players below .260 in the batting average category. Overall the NLE is very tight as the last place Miami Marlins only sit nine games back, the Mets can easily slip away and miss postseason playoff play. Mets manager, Luis Rojas seems to be keeping fans and media in the dark as he has not fully spoken out about the recent team struggles.

Now I wanna add that of course you will not win every single game, but the fact is the Mets have blown so many close games and have just been flat out blown out. Most likely the team will be back to normal on the winning side of the game within five games or so, but for baseball that may be too late. The biggest reason though to why the Mets make the playoffs (if they end up) is because the Phillies cannot play in close net games and have failed. With that said the Phillies will lose more games due to their poor bullpen.

So, are the Mets in trouble? Yes. Yes they are, but due to their division they will most likely make the playoffs, via winning the NLE.

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