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Anthony Volpe Has Passing Of The Torch Moment With Brett Gardner

Anthony Volpe is set to wear No.11 as he bats ninth on opening day.

The New Jersey native grew up as a Yankee fan, little did he know that he would later be drafted by his favorite team and become their top prospect.

Volpe tore it up in spring training, posting splits of .302/.413/.623 along with an OPS of 1.035 in 18 games. He would be added onto the 40-man with less than a week left before opening day, leading to his 26-man spot.

Opening day would mark the first time since October of 2021, that a pinstripe jersey with No.11 on the back will be at Yankee Stadium. No.11 was last worn by Brett Gardner, who spent the entirety of his career in New York and was part of the 2009 World Series win.

Gardner was not picked up by New York in the offseason leading to 2022, and declined multiple offers from other teams to play as he only wanted to wear black and white. The seasoned vet is listed as a free agent, but with his jersey number now being worn by a rookie, it most likely spells the end of an era.

Before Anthony Volpe agreed to wear No.11 with the Yankees, he called Brett Gardner and asked for his blessing. According to Joe Bick, Gardner’s agent, Gardner gave Volpe his full approval and wished him all the best with 11. A true passing of the torch moment as Volpe will take over the 11.

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