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Aaron Rodgers, Jets, Are The Most Hyped NFL Team Right Now

Playing for a New York sports team needs a special kind of grit and grind from players, fans either love you or they want to K.O you in the first round. For Aaron Rodgers’ sake he is loved by an entire community.

Yesterday, New York Jets training camp tickets went on sale with 4 different date options, they all sold out within three minutes.

The Jets acquiring Aaron Rodgers has given the entire fanbase hope and all eyes are on the seasoned veteran. The hype and talk over the past several months is something that has filled every sport talk show and NFL households.

We have seen Linsanity and Aaron Judge’s chase for 62, the case for Aaron Rodgers is no different. Fan reactions and media attention for the Jets has not been on this level (especially in a positive way) for years.

Rodgers has embraced the New York sports culture so fast with open arms, it is now just a matter of will he stand up to the hype once the regular season comes around.

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