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Aaron Hicks Gets Final Laugh Over Yankees

It is clearer than anything that Aaron Hicks got the final laugh on the New York Yankees.

A .188 batting average in 28 games turned into him hitting .253 on the season (93 games), with a .275 average with the Baltimore Orioles. Aaron Hicks is a solid player, he demonstrated that in his Twins’ days, but then he put on pinstripes and forgot how to play baseball, leading him to be pin-stripped.

The Yankees DFA’d Hicks, leading to his eventual release and New York eating a projected $19.7M.

He only appeared in 3 games against the Yankees post-releasement, hitting a .250 with a .808 OPS.

New York’s season ended at game 162, meanwhile, the Baltimore Orioles are playing in the ALDS. In game 2 against the Texas Rangers, Aaron Hicks accounted for 5 RBIs.

Those 5 runs-batted-in tied his total during the 28 game span with the Yankees this season.

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