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A Look Back At Will Grier's Record Breaking 837 Yard Game

It is hard for a quarterback to pass for 300 yards in a single game, let alone the mark of 500 which is considered legendary status among NFL QBs. What if there was a quarterback that threw for more than 500 yards and even more than 600 yards? Undoubtedly that is a truly historic dominating feat, but one that can only live in the imagination of NFL QBs and it can only come to life on easy mode in Madden…right?

In 2012 there was a quarterback that made dreams come into reality, that QB was named Will Grier and he was only a Junior in high school. The then 17 year old quarterback attended Davidson Day High School in North Carolina after a transfer from SouthLake Christian Academy. On November 9th, 2012, a playoff game vs the Harrells Christian Academy Crusaders would take place. Davidson Patriots QB1 Will Grier took the field looking to get his team into the next round. That would go down as one of the highest scoring high school football games in history with a total of 184 being put up between the two teams in a game that lasted several grueling hours. The Patriots only had a possession time of 19:08 compared to the Crusaders’ time of 28:55, Davidson was a team that looked more to the air game as Harrells lived or died by running the ball.

Will Grier would go 35-for-42 (833cmp%) averaging 23 yards per play to throw for a total of a staggering 837 yards. Grier threw 10 touchdown passes compared to just a single interception. Those 837 yards broke the national record of 764 that was set by David Koral in 2000. Grier’s 2012 record still stands as #1 today as he has now long left from highschool ball, being part of the Dallas Cowboys practice squad.

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