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10 Controversial Hot Takes

Hot takes have been part of the sports world forever in one way or another, but it has not been until very recently that it gained more media attention. Many people like hot take as others deeply appose it, here are our top ten hot takes, some may or may not be a little controversial.

- 10 - Whelen Modified Tour would be more interesting with longer races and stages

- 9 - The New York Yankees are no longer the baseball team of New York, stat wise, but they are fan wise.

- 8 - The New York Knicks will be in or win the NBA Finals within the next 5 years

- 7 - Sam Darnold is not a bust he just never had good coaching

- 6 - Jacob DeGrom's success will always be over shadowed with the New York Mets failure

- 5 - NASCAR is dying in the Cup Series and will soon be a pay-per-view only sport

- 4 - LeBron James is overrated as Donte DiVincenzo is underrated

- 3 - The New York Giants will not go at or above .500 for the next 7+ years due to poor coaching and inconsistent draft pick development

- 2 - Formula One is more of a skilled sport than NASCAR

- 1 - Brooklyn Nets bought their team

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