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Will The Brooklyn Nets Release Kyrie Irving?

Updated: May 17, 2023

Brooklyn Nets star player Kyrie Irving has not played a single game this season due to his COVID vaccination status, with that said he has provided nothing to the Nets this season. The Brooklyn Nets currently own the top spot in the Eastern Conference with a 17-9 record, just a half game ahead of the Chicago Bulls. The Nets have done well without their star Point Guard, but you can see the difference of play and body language of players when out on the court. Last season Irving averaged 26 points in about 34 minutes of play through 54 games, all of which he started. It has been clear that the Nets will not win a championship without Irving, he is the piece the team needs that is missing, but frankly we may never see Irving in a Nets jersey again due to the vaccination rules in New York.

Overall it would be very hard to trade Kyrie Irving as he would not be able to play in several stadiums, teams would be making a huge gamble in getting him. The Nets best bet would be to release Kyrie Irving, making him a free agent, this would open up space for the Nets to make moves in acquiring a new player via trade or free agent signing. Kyle Irving played a huge part with the Nets last season, but the will never replicate that this season sadly.

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