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Who Is The Best New York Sports Team?

Updated: May 17, 2023

New York is home to several major sport teams, many have been around for a long time, many are fairly new to the sports world. We will be looking at the win/loss records along with the win percentage of every team and put it in an average game season of all the different series combined to get the most accurate number, that number being 75. This list is based on wins, losses and ties are NOT counted)

Teams we will be looking at / NYCFC, Red Bulls, Yankees, Mets, Jets, Giants, Bills, Knicks, Nets, Rangers and the New York Islanders.


The Yankees are one of the most well known sports organizations in the world, with 27 world series rings they are unstoppable at winning. In 118 seasons the Yankees have an all-time 10411-7867 win/loss record accompanied by a .627 wp%. Putting them in a 75 game season, they would have a total of 70 wins.

The Mets are the underdog team of New York, always in the shadow of the Yankees. With a losing all time record of 4472-4842 (.480 wp%) they would only win a total of 17 games in what would be a 75 game season.


The NFL has one of the shortest regular seasons with only 16 games. The New York Jets have been one of the longest standing teams in the sport, but they are known for one thing mainly. Sucking. The Jets have a win/loss record of 410-514, that would put them with 18 wins total in a 75 game season.

The New York Giants share MetLife Stadium with the Jets, it is a tale of two teams as the Giants have won a whopping 702 games, giving them a 702-618 win/loss record. With that said the New York Giants would win only 17 games due to their most recent struggles, even though they have a better record then the Jets overall, they would not do better in a 75-game-season.

Many people forget about the Buffalo Bills and with a losing record of 438-468 you can see why. The bills once dominated the AFC decades ago, but in a 75-game-season they would only have 17 wins as projected.


In the NHL for New York your either love the Rangers or you hate them, they are one of the most famous NHL teams as they have been around for 94 seasons! They have an overall win/loss record of 2857-2695, about 200 games above .500 wp%. They would win a total of 26 games if they did a 75 game regular season.

The Islanders are just now starting to really be popular and be in unlaughable contention for the NHL team of New York. They have been around for only a short 48 seasons, as they have a record of 1659-1571. Even though they have played a lot, and I mean a lot less games than the Rangers, the Islanders have the wins to show that they mean business as they are projected to win 45 games total out of the 75.


The New York Knicks are one of the original NBA teams as they started way back in 1946. They have played a lot of games, with that, they have also lost a lot as well, with a 2807-2996 record all time the Knicks would have 27 wins total.

The Brooklyn Nets are fairly new to the NBA as they started off in the ABA, those wins will not be counted. In the NBA the Nets have a 1494-2072 record. If I did this 3-4 years from now it would be a whole lot different as the Nets are expected to blow out other teams with their power three players Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and new acquired James Harden. The Nets would go and win 50 games though out of the 75.


The MLS has two New York teams and the fan-ship is very lopsided, NYFC (New York City Football Club) gets all the love with a 87-60 record they would win 51 games .

The New York Red Bulls have been around since the late 1990s to give them a 380-363 record. In a 75 game regular season they would have only 19 wins.


New York has many impressive teams, but only one can be #1, lets take a look at the standings.

1st- Yankees / 70 Wins

2nd- NYCFC / 51 wins

3rd- Nets / 50 wins

4th- Islanders / 45 wins

5th- Knicks / 27 wins

6th- Rangers / 26 wins

7th- Red Bulls / 19 wins

8th- Jets / 18 wins

9th- Mets / 17 wins

10th- Giants / 17 wins

11th- Bills / 17 wins

The New York Yankees are truly the team of New York, having an average of 70 wins of a 75 game season based off of their winning rate overall per 75 games.


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