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We Are In A New Era Of New York Football

Updated: May 18, 2023

For the first time since the 2015 season every New York football team has a winning record

For the first time since week three of the 2015 NFL season all three New York football teams have a winning record. The New York Jets, Giants and Buffalo Bills have a combined record of 14-4 through six weeks of play.

“The center of the football universe is...New York?” - Dominic Konareski

It is without a doubt that all three New York teams are legit playoff contenders. The Buffalo Bills, who currently sit 5-1, are favorites to win the Super Bowl this season. It is also the 14th time in the Super Bowl era that the Giants (5-1) and the Jets (4-2) have a winning percentage above .500% through the first six games (750%). The last time the Giants and Jets had lost a combined three games through Week 6 was in 2010.

Legit playoff contenders?

The New York Giants and Jets are both sat in second place in their respected division, with that they are contenders for the wild card. The Jets hold the sixth seed in the AFC as the Giants hold the fifth seed in the NFC. Never before in New York football history has had all three teams make playoff football, that can easily change a few months from now.

The Giants have proved to be a legit playoff force as they are 5-1 and have knocked down the likes of the Titans, Packers and Ravens. Overall the team can easily win 10, possibly even 12-games if the key players stay healthy. It will be difficult to win the division against the current undefeated 6-0 Eagles, but the Giants are just one-game back and still yet to face the division rivals for their two matchups this season. The big blue team also has to watch out for the Cowboys as the Dallas team gets their QB1 back this upcoming Saturday with Dad Prescott coming off of the IL.

The New York Jets are 4-2 under second-year starter Zach Wilson, who is currently riding a three game winning streak. Wilson is young and still has a lot to prove, with that the Jets have looked to the run game and it has worked. New York has a legitimate shot to go 6-2 (wins against DEN and NE) before they face the Buffalo Bills, that game will truly show just how good the Jet squad is. Nevertheless they have took flight so far this season as some only projected the team to have two wins total this NFL season. It will be extremely hard for the Jets to win their division against the mighty Bills, making their best way to make the playoffs as a wild card team.

No matter what occurs the rest of the season with who makes and missed the playoffs, there is one thing that is clear: New York has three football teams that can contend on a weekly basis and win games again.

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