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Tim Tebow Is Back In The NFL And Fans Are Loving It

Updated: May 17, 2023

Tim Tebow has been in the sports world spotlight his entire career as he played college football for the Florida Gators and then NFL Football for several teams including the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets. Tim Tebow retired from football in 2015 where he went to the New York Mets and played in the minors for several years, going up through the ranks getting as high as triple-A (AAA) ball. Several months ago Tebow announced that he was retiring from the baseball scene, he then announced he is back in football and not long later, Tim Tebow signed a 1-year contact with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but not as a Quarterback, Tim Tebow is now a Tight End in an announcement that shocked many.

The former first rounder and Heisman Trophy winner is now back in the NFL after a 5+ year absence and fans are loving it. It was announced today that Tim Tebow merch is inside the top five for bestsellers in the NFL shop. Now, just because Tim Tebow has signed a contract does not mean he will be one of 46 players that are able to suit up for a game week in and week out. We saw New York Mets spring training games get sold out when Tebow was playing, so with that said will the Jaguars have Tim Tebow play mainly for money? Tim Tebow is currently 33 years old, overall for the NFL he is past his prime, but even though he has not played a snap since 2015 Tim Tebow has still been active both physically and in the sports scene in general, it will be interesting to see how Tim Tebow will play. I also wanna add that Tebow will be teaming up with this former college coach, Urban Meyer so it will be fun to see how the duo will preform together.

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