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The Island Boys Turn Into The Fighting Boys On The Impulsive Podcast

The Island Boys tried to fight The Impulsive Podcast several days ago and quite frankly it is embarrassing. Despite what the Island Boys say they are not “thugging.” What they are is 5’9”, 135lb kids who got internet famous from a song that makes zero sense and mainly due to the reason because they look like cartoon characters that would be in a 1990s Cartoon Network show. Now all credit to them as they are still being talked about, but there is just not anything remotely intimidating about Franky and Alex Venegas and that was shown when Logan Paul stood up to them because right when he did they quieted down and Logan Paul literally looked down at them, the size difference is off any kind of scale. The best part was when Impulsive Podcast member George Janko was confused when the Island Boys kept telling him to “Leave it alone” and he kept responding with “Leave WHAT alone?” The Island Boys are not even from an Island, they were born in Florida so that kind of shows their IQ level to begin with and really the long story short of the video and this article is just that the Island Boys do not have the brain capacity to hold a conversation and just get emotional like a little kid.

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