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More Behind The Viral TikTok Basketball Clock video

A video has been going viral on the social media app TikTok over the past several days. The video is of the ending seconds of a basketball game between UCSC and PAC and has already gotten over 7-million views. With UCSC up 100-82 with just over 11-seconds left it was clear to see who was going to win, but one UCSC player wanted to add on to the blowout lead. Player Kevin Knox of UCSC made a three-point shot just under seven seconds left as his coach was yelling to not shot out of a sign of respect. Knox shot anyway and made the basket to increase the lead by 21 points as he stared down his own coach as the clock ran out of time. When doing some further research we have found that Drew Knox is listed as a guard at Corban University for their JV team, playing off the bench. Knox then posted another video several days later showing him getting an assist as Corban played Southwestern Oregon, overall off the bench Knox had a stat line of 2pts, 1ast and 1stl in six minutes played

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