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The Best QB Option For The New York Jets Entering Week 4

Four years of experience, a 62.3% career completion, and a top-five franchise passing leader.

Those are three ways to describe New York Jets QB2 Tim Boyle.

Tim Boyle is widely known as Aaron Rodgers’ two-year backup quarterback in Green Bay.

Boyle has 17 career games in a four-year span, 3 games of which were starts that all resulted in losses. The 28-year-old currently stands third in Packers’ franchise history for completion percentage at 75% and is also third in Lions’ franchise history in completion (64.9%) for QBs with 50 or more passing attempts.

The Connecticut native doesn’t have a lot of in-game NFL experience, to follow that up Boyle also has a 3-8 TD-INT ratio, which of course isn’t the best. In the current state that the Jets are in though, Tim Boyle is the best option for quarterback.

Zach Wilson has been awful this season. If it wasn’t for a Josh Allen meltdown along with an OT punt return, the Jets would be 0-3 right now. 1-2 is ok, but looking at their next three games (Chiefs, Broncos, Eagles) that 1-2 record could easily slip to 1-5 and the Jets could have their season be over by the end of Week 6. Being in the powerhouse division that the AFC East is, that possible 1-5 record would put New York out of contention, considering that the Dolphins are 3-0 and the Bills are 2-1.

The Week 5 matchup against Denver is a possible win for the New York Jets, but it won’t be possible with Zach Wilson at the helm.

Zach Wilson has been benched on numerous occasions, last season the majority of the Jets team rallied behind Mike White to be the set-starter after starting the season third on the depth chart. Not to mention the love that came for Chris Streveler, who was on the practice squad for 90% of the season; he replaced Wilson mid-game against the Jaguars and put up better stats.

It seems like every quarterback that has played a regular season snap for the Jets has been much better than Zach Wilson, it seems that way because it is statistically true. With that said, why not give Tim Boyle a chance. He knows the Jets’ playbook and has experience as a starter.

The Jets should sign a free agent quarterback and have Tim Boyle start on Sunday against Kansas City. By doing that the Jets won’t have to give up a lot to get a new QB and while they learn the playbook in time for Week 5, Tim Boyle could show the team what he’s got.

Aaron Rodgers could possibly be back and playing in the playoffs, but with Zach Wilson at the helm the Jets will implode and there won’t be any playoffs for them.

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