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Stats Reveal Jets And Giants Are The Same Team

So many people..Aheemmm-Giants fans…consider the Giants to be the football team of New York over the Jets. Well that may be the case, but just how much better have the Giants been in recent years? Stats don’t lie so let’s dive into them.

Since the 2017/18 season the New York Jets have posted a record of 29-70, meanwhile in the same span the Giants have gone 32-67-1. Compared to the other 30 NFL teams, their winning percentages rank rock bottom: Giants 31st/32 and Jets 32nd/32.

The 31st and 32nd rankings for the Giants and Jets stand like that as well form points-for and points-against.

Since the 2017 draft, both the Giants and Jets have selected three quarterbacks.

The only big difference between the MetLife Stadium rivals is that the Giants made the playoffs last season and upset the Vikings in the first round. The Jets are currently still on their Mark Sanchez 2010 AFC Championship hangover.

Technically the Jets and Giants have been the same team since 2017, and with that no side should have any bragging rights currently.


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