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Stocks Tumble As Inflation Report Comes Out

Scary. That is the only way to describe the stock market scene for July 13th as the market plummeted throughout the day. The reason to such heavy losses is due to the inflation report that was released, showing a 9.1% rise in June. Overall inflation hit a 40 year high over the course of last month as the middle and lower classes continue a struggle, one that some will not be able to come back from. When it comes to stocks the S&P 500 tanked 0.45% after a 17.02 point loss as the DOW was down 208.51 points in a -0.67% loss, NASDAQ shares went down by 17.12 points in a 0.15% loss as the only section that seemed to do well today was crypto as Bitcoin rose 524.16 points, a total of 2.70%.

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