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Proposed Steps On Reviving Quigley Stadium

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Editor's Note

Since my article on the neglected state of Quigley Stadium, I have continued to make steps towards raising awareness for the state of the stadium, along with a push to have city leaders develop a plan.

To make things slightly easier, or at least to give some suggestions, I have developed a plan myself for the leaders of West Haven

-The New York Sports Show has contacted the City of West Haven Mayor's Office in regards to the stadium, we are yet to hear a response.-

A fix could be made and by making a fix, it would rejuvenate the Stadium and put Quigley back on the map. Here are the steps that I am proposing.

First of all, all the overgrown shrubbery would have to be removed. The chain-link fences and bullpen fences appear to be rustless, it's just that they are being retaken by Mother Nature.

Secondly, the refurbishment of both the home and away bullpens are desperately needed. Overall, the dugouts appear to be in good shape, with just the visitor dugout needing new benches.

Thirdly, a parking lot repavement needs to happen. By repaving the parking lot it will make the outside of the stadium not look forgotten and in abandonment style.

Fourthly, the ticket booth and press box need to be either completely rebuilt and / or renovated. Both feature very small areas compared to other baseball press boxes and ticket booths around the Connecticut area, which isn’t bad whatsoever, but obviously they need to be cleaned and fixed. Also, charging a small admission price and holding 50/50 raffles would help with costs.

Fifthly, a very small seating expansion by just 500 could propel the newly revamped stadium back in the spotlight. Short-Season Class A / Rookie-ball only require seating for 2,500 as Class A has a minimum requirement of 4,000 with Double-AA having a 6,000 minimum. Quigley’s current seating capacity is listed at 2,000. That could bring back minor league baseball to West Haven or another semi-pro league.

Sixthly, the City of West Haven needs to promote the stadium more and get sponsorship banners in. Sponsorship banners usually average 2.5 feet x 6 feet or 6 feet x 12 feet.

Seventhly, hold community events at the stadium such as concerts, movies and food truck festivals, to attract crowds.

Eightly, apply for historical site status. (see eligibility criterias with answers below). Also, this step could be one of the first taken instead of the last.

  • Be associated with events that have made a significant contribution to our history and the lives of persons significant in our past: Quigley Stadium was home to a combined 5 minor league championship teams between 1972-1982, and housed multiple future hall of fame major league players and managers in that decade-long span.

  • Embody the distinctive characteristics of a type, period or method of construction: Quigley Stadium’s original bleachers were reused wood from old New Haven Railroad train cars, overall the stadium is 79-years-old.

  • Represent the work of a master, possess high artistic values, or represent a significant and distinguishable entity whose components may lack individual distinction: Baseball stadiums are a work of art and Quigley Stadium was the true embodiment of that, if restored it once again would and it would represent the work of Maurice Quigley and all the workers. The stadium also represents an era of baseball in West Haven that most likely the city will never see again.

  • Have yielded, or may be likely to yield, information important in prehistory or history: Quigley Stadium is a part of New York Yankees and Oakland Athletics franchise history, having a direct impact on the organization and team outcomes and roster moves while their farm teams were at Quigley.


Quigley Stadium was once a field of dreams, and it once again could be, but it would take effort from the West Haven city officials and the public. There's just too much baseball history that can't be left to fade away on the field.

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