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New York Knicks Sit At Most Valued NBA Team Despite Lack Of Success

Updated: May 17, 2023

It was announced that the New York Knicks are the most valued NBA team going into the 2021/22 season with a $5.8 billion dollar price tag to their name. The value price was announced by Forbes Magazine and later made headlines with SportsCenter. Overall the New York Knicks have not won a championship since the 1972 season despite them having several playoff appearances from 1973-2020, In that span the New York Knicks have gone 1830-2032 with a .473 wp% through 3,862 games. The Knicks did have a winning record at the turn of the century where they were 1194-1070 after their 2000 season, at the time they were the most valued NBA franchise with a worth of $334 million. The Knicks dipped below .500% after their 2007 season where they finished 23-59, moving their record to 1412-1426 since their last championship, at that time they were worth $592 million. The Knicks have failed fans with many losing seasons, but yet still draw in big crowds and sales as New York continues to be the mecca of sports.

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