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Local Media Personality Now Going Worldwide

Local media personality Dominic Konareski who is the founder and host of the number one all - New York sport podcast in America is now calling himself ‘Mr. Worldwide’ in a most recent interview with the press. Konareski, 16, founded the New York Sports Show on July 9th, 2018 when he was only 13 years old. Now, the NYSS has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people across America and across the world.

"I have people who watch my videos who are from the Philippines, Japan, Puerto Rico and Germany. I guess you can say that I'm 'Mr. Worldwide'. The New York Sports Show has grown massively and is truly number one."

The NYSS was able to get the 'number one' title just over a year ago when it passed other key all-NY sport podcasts, both in subscribers and viewers. As of recently the NYSS has expanded by making affiliated websites NYSS Race Day and NYSSF1 which have grown in popularity over the past several weeks and months.

"I have always been a huge fan of racing, both pro and semi-pro. I love the local racing community in both fan ship and competition as you will not find the diehard fans or true racing going to a race such as Dover compared to going to a race at Thompson. I did not decide to incorporate NASCAR and Formula One in the NYSS till about two months after it was founded, wanting to keep it strictly just New York sports. I am so happy to expand and show my love for racing while seeing others show their love for the sport as well!"

In just under three years the New York Sports Show has posted over 1,500 videos / episodes, 130 combined website articles and over 400 Instagram posts. For Dominic Konareski the hard work never stops as you can find him sometimes at 2:00 am brainstorming ideas on how to improve his work. From commentating hockey games to doing live interviews at race tracks Dominic Konareski has built up and changed what sport podcasting is, stepping away from all the clichés and doing what he wants, saying

"The New York Sports sticks out in a good way, when you look at other sport podcasts in general you can see how much we stick out from the rest. We are different."

The New York Sports Show is on track to be a household name in the sports media industry such as ESPN, SNY and YES.

It is only a matter of time.

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