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Konareski Wins Big After Last Lap Pass

Dominic Konareski made his third ever start of his career after skipping the last two races/weeks due to scheduling and being on a part time season. In his first two starts he came in 3rd place each time, so close to winning, but yet so far.

Tonight all that came to an end.

In the heat race Konareski finished 4th, which would set him up to start 8th in the A-Main out of the 24 cars, "We did not have the fastest car out there, it felt good, best car I have driven yet!" "It could just not go fast" Konareski stated in an interview "We had a top-10 car, that's it."

Going into the final lone practice Konareski ended up going over 40mph into the turn 7 tire barrier lifting the car up and almost flipping. "The G-Force was crazy, it killed my back going up with the forceful impact downward" "It was like a spike of pain that went up the middle of me, I never felt anything like that in my life." Luckily Dominic was ok and waited for safety crews to each him, ending his practice.

Going into the A-Main Konareski was looking for any kind of cut to get him more ground faster. The A-Main was only 15 laps tonight which means less time to gain position. Green flag is waving, race is on.

On lap 5 Konareski passed his first 2 cars , forcing a three-wide on the backstretch, moving up to p6. As the race went on Konareski kept consistent lap times as he made ground passing. Going in on lap 13/15 Konareski has moved up to 2nd now as only one driver is in his way, defending champion Zack Fonzi. Fonzi came into this race 7th in points as his best finish at the beginning of the feature was 5th place. Fonzi held the best lap time as lap 14 came and went in a flash with Konareski on his side.

Lap 15, final lap. Konareski and Fonzi are nose to nose going into turn 10/12, Konareski gets behind Fonzi and breaks late, bumping him from the preferred line as it made the car loose. With that Konareski goes under him, coming out Konareski has the lead by about a finger nail. Going into turn 11 Konareski lays off the gas, slowing the car down, but does not brake to get more of a run out of the corner, with that Dominic Konareski crosses the line with a 0.433 second lead to win his first ever race in what is only his third ever start! "I CANNOT, WE WON, WOW!" "WHATTTT!?" Konareski Stated "I do not know how we got the speed, but we did! and we won!"

With that Dominic Konareski moves into 15th in points with 142 points, a total of 104 points off from the leader. "We are not contending for a championship with the schedule we are running, but that does not mean we can't win races"

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