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Jets Future Success Depends On Old 2000s QB Plan

Jordan Travis made history as the second quarterback in New York Jets franchise history to be drafted in the 5th round, following Erik Angie’s historic first in the 2008 Draft.

Since the '08 draft, the Jets have drafted 6 quarterbacks in the 4th round or later, with only 2, Greg McElroy and Bryce Petty, playing in the regular season, both are no longer in the league. Although the Jets' track record in quarterback development is not outstanding, there is optimism regarding the potential of New York's training staff and Jordan Travis.

The 2024/25 season is expected to be a redshirt year for Travis, as he will be QB3 behind Aaron Rodgers and Tyrod Taylor. The FSU alumni is also recovering from a broken leg sustained during his remarkable senior season.

It seems increasingly likely that the Jets will handle Jordan Travis similar to how they developed Chad Pennington in 2000.

Chad Pennington was a 1st round pick in the 2000 NFL Draft, signifying him as the future franchise quarterback for the Jets.

Pennington wasn't immediately put into play at Giants Stadium as the Jets weren't prepared to replace Vinny Testaverde.

New York had Pennington in a learning phase behind Testaverde. This led to Pennington only playing in 3 games between 2000-2001 before taking lead in 2002.

With Aaron Rodgers expected to retire in 2-3 seasons, Jordan Travis is in a great position to take the time to recover fully, develop, and learn without the pressure of major consequences.


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