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How DiecastBuffet Became The Diecast King Of YouTube

Updated: May 17, 2023

On August 14th, 2018 a YouTube channel under the name DiecastBuffet was created, now over 1,600 videos later that YouTube channel and host DiecastBuffet is now a household name in not only the diecast community but also the racing community. I had the honor to talk with Garrett who runs the DiecastBuffet channel and ask him some questions that many of his fans have wondered for a while.

DiecastBuffet was created after Garrett was told that he should not collect diecasts anymore by someone close to him in his life. Garrett used that as motivation and followed his dream that he was dreaming for a long time and finally made it a reality (making a YouTube channel.) Back in 2001 Garrett would watch the races on tv and throughout the years his passion grew and grew. That led to his family starting to give him diecasts, also during that time he watched stop motions and always wanted to do one himself, when he finally did it took him weeks as he stated "I realized how hard stop motions are" he then started doing a different form of NASCAR diecast racing. That form was pushing hard and letting go of the car, by that it produces unscripted diecast racing with a true raw reaction. As to this day DiecastBuffet is the biggest YouTuber that does NASCAR diecast racing in that style, Garrett is able to make the racing videos fun and fully captures the love for the sport of auto racing both within himself and the viewer.

When Garrett is not doing the diecast series he does diecast reviews on his huge collection of NASCAR 1:64th scale diecasts through the years along with custom ones he makes himself. You will always find at least one diecast review up on the channel a day along with gameplay of various racing games. Overall when asked about his favorite video Garrett stated that his vlog when he went to the Texas Motor Speedway after a 10 year wait was the best one, stating that it was "The best days of my life."

Garrett goes by the stay humble lifestyle as he always tries to stay positive while giving all the effort possible in videos. As people his age go out and party he stays at home grinding out videos and working on content overall to make the best content for the viewers. By that DiecastBuffet has risen very quickly to the top of the NASCAR YouTuber rankings, showing that hard work truly pays off.

Now it is safe to say that DiecastBuffet is truly the NASCAR diecast king on YouTube as he has around 700 1:64th scale NASCARS along with over 90 Monster Jam diecasts and hundreds of Hotwheel and Matchbox diecast cars.

It is only a matter of time until the DiecastBuffet YouTube channel hits 10,000 subscribers and the day it does that will be one of the best days in NASCAR YouTube history.



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