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Fuller Wins, Shrinks Deficit On Robinson

Meghan Fuller won Friday's race at the Stafford Motor Speedway as she shrinks the points deficit on Zack Robinson to only four points. Zack Robinson got it going in the middle of the race but he was only able to finish fourth, Chris Meyer finished 5th as he still remains 16 points back on the leader. With only two races to go in the season the championship is getting more heated.


What Do They Have To Do To Win?

Zack Robinson (1st, +4) - Zack Robinson has the points lead, all he has to do is keep having solid finishes. He mainly needs top3s though, not top5s as he almost lost the points lead with a fourth place finish with Fuller winning.

Meghan Fuller (2nd, -4) - Fuller is in a great position with two races left, not to mention she has a massive amount of momentum after back - to - back wins at the track. Her car usually starts preforming to the max around lap 12-15 of the race, but will cautions mess that up as drivers will be more aggressive?

Chris Meyer (3rd, -16) - Chris Meyer has had and is still having what is truly an amazing season, but you can put him in a must win situation as being 16 points back with only two races left. He doesn't need to win both races, only one of the last two, if not then Fuller and Robinson have to wreak out or finish outside the top ten with Meyer getting a Top3.

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