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Are The New York Yankees Still The Best Baseball Team?

Updated: May 17, 2023

The New York Yankees are one of the most well - known and one of the most winningest baseball teams in the MLB, but have they been slipping down for the past decade?

The New York Yankees have 27 World Series wins under their belt, but they haven't added one since 2009, over ten years ago, before 2009 they won in 2000 so there was a nine - year - gap between those two. When you look at it though the Yankees had some of the best players on their roster from 2000 - 2010, but they could only get two championships? Coming to the most recent years (2014-2019) The Yankees had a pretty solid team especially from 2017-2019 where they could won back to back to back World Series, their win/loss record from those three years is 294 - 192 which is very good.

The Yankees have made the playoffs multiple times since 2009 but always failed to win it all, sometimes not even making it out of the wild card. The last time the Yankees have had a World Series Slump not winning or not making an appearance was from 1979-1996, almost two whole decades. The Yankees have the talent, and a lot of it too, but they always blow it. They look good and do good but at the end they don't get the A. I think the Yankees will be winning World Series again one day, but when that day will come its hard to say.

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