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Aaron Boone's Incompetence Reaches All-Time High

Aaron Boone is delusional. I could start and end the article with only that one sentence and all reading would agree with that statement, despite there being no information to back it up, but due to just watching the games themselves.

Last night Luis Severino allowed 6 ERs before recording the first out of the game. New York would lose, 9-3, moving to a 55-50 record just over 24-hours before the trade deadline.

Yankees’ manager Aaron Boone said postgame, “Outside of the strikeouts, I thought at-bats were building off of last night. I thought we grinded out really well. We made it really tough on Kremer. We couldn’t finish off.”

There are 27 outs in a regulation game, last night the Yankees had 18 strikeouts. Anthony Rizzo accounted for five of them. The Yankees offense this season has been horrific and enough to drive the most humble person crazy.

Aaron Boone is the manager of the team, yet he has never taken any accountability on himself or players. He is the master of excuses and gets angry when called out, not wanting to hear the truth.

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