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A Possible Third Stint Coming For This Former Yankee?

Tyler Wade is on the free agent block. The now 28-year-old is two seasons removed from pinstripes, most recently playing 28 games in ‘23 with the Oakland Athletics.

Wade was DFA’d and later traded to the Los Angeles Angels over the 2021/22 offseason. He would appear in 67 games, batting a .218 before being traded back to New York where he would stay with the Yanks’ Triple-AAA club.

Oakland signed Tyler Wade in free agency, but mainly used the utility player in the minors. T-Wade had splits of .291 / .384 / .409 / .793 with 47 RBIs and 42 stolen bases in 91 AAA games. Wade hit a .255 in his 28 games in the Majors with Oakland.

The Yankees should consider giving Tyler Wade a third stint, his signing would be of the low-risk high-reward type that wouldn’t make Steinbrenner's pockets empty. If things don’t work out then he is just a simple DFA away.

Let me remind you: though Tyler Wade overall had a Yankees’ tenure to forget, he found his swing during that 2021 season when New York gave him constant playing time. Wade posted a .268 average with a .677 OPS in 103 games. Defensively, you could put Wade at any position besides pitcher, which could come in handy considering how unlucky the Yankees have been with injuries.

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