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3 Straight For Fuller As Points Lead Intensifies

Meghan Fuller has won the last three races bringing her win total to four on the season as she takes the points lead coming into the final race. Fuller has had what is truly a perfect season so far as she dominates race in and race out.

Zack Robinson loses the points lead and now sits 6 points back goin into the final race on Friday. Robinson has not had a bad few weeks or anything, he has been getting very strong finishes, but the last few finishes Robinson has been finishing behind Fuller

Chris Meyer still sits 16 points back as he has not gained or lost on the points gap. Meyer is in a must win situation basically, but even if he wins both Fuller and Robinson need to finish 9th or lower. Overall Meyer has had a great season as you can tell that car gets better every week.

The final race is scheduled for Friday, October 9th. In just a few days we will crown a champion at the Stafford Motor Speedway, who will it be?

NYSS odds

Fuller 5/10 chance - Points lead and momentum from last win

Robinson 4/10 chance - Has been out preformed by Fuller for last three weeks

Meyer 1/10 - Car has been better every week, but he needs a win with Fuller and Robinson finishing 9th or lower or a top 3 with Fuller and Robinson wreaking out

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