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Zach Wilson vs Josh Allen: First 5 Weeks Through Their Rookie Year

Updated: May 17, 2023

Many people have already labeled New York Jets 2nd overall draft pick Zach Wilson as a bust with the Jets going into their bye week sporting a 1-4 record through their first 5 games/five weeks. Zach Wilson has thrown a total of 4 touchdowns to a league leading 9 interceptions in what is a total of 171 pass attempts. We looked at New York's other AFC East football team, the Buffalo Bills when they had Josh Allen in his rookie year back in 2018. Josh Allen is a superstar in the QB1 slot, making the Bills regular playoff contenders and Super Bowl favorites, but in the first 5 weeks of his rookie season with the team he was labeled a bust.

In the first 5 weeks of 2018 Josh Allen thew for 748 years, going 65-122 on pass completions to attempts along with 2 Touchdowns and 5 Interceptions, giving him a 61.8 QBR. Overall, Allen's best week was on week 3 when he threw for 196 yards with 1 touchdown with a 15/22 line and a 111.2 QBR, he did not throw a single interception in that game as the Bills beat the Vikings 27-6. The most passing yards Allen threw in a game came in week 2 against the Chargers as he threw for 245 yards despite a Bills 31-20 loss (1TD-2INT.)

The first 5 weeks for Zach Wilson have been more up and down than a soap opera show as Wilson has been all over the place in every stat column. Overall, the first 5 games have featured a total of 1,117 passing yards from the Jets rookie QB as he is 98-171 in pass completions to attempts with 4 touchdowns to 9 interceptions, giving him a 64.7 QBR. Zach Wilson's best week came in Week 4 against the Tennessee Titans where New York won in overtime 27-24. In week 4 Wilson went 21-34 with 297 yards, 2 touchdowns and 1 interception, giving him a 97.3 QBR. That was also the most passing yards for Wilson in a game so far this season, he has also thrown at least 1 interception per game so far.

Josh Allen's first 5 weeks featured him going 65/122 with only 748 yards and 2 touchdowns compared to 5 interceptions and a 61.8 QBR. It is way too early to call Zach Wilson a bust and overall Wilson's numbers sit better than Josh Allen and Wilson has done far more with a poorer team than the 2018 Buffalo Bills. The same people who called Josh Allen a bust is the same that are calling Zach Wilson a bust and once again they will be proven wrong.

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