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Zach Wilson Leaving The Jets Will Be A 'Business Move' By Any GM Who Acquires Him

It’s March 19th, 2024, and Zach Wilson is still a New York Jet and it will likely stay that way for a bit longer.

We can all agree that Wilson has shown many flashes of superstardom, he’s just extremely inconsistent. 

The former 2nd overall pick of just three seasons ago can’t draw teams interest whatsoever – not even a 7th round pick. It’s not necessarily because of Wilson’s `12-21 record or him throwing more interceptions than touchdowns. It’s because every GM knows the Jets are over Wilson and have been wanting to trade him.

Wilson still has one year on his contract – any team that trades for the 24-year-old would have to take over contract payments. Because of that, phone calls have been one-sided and it looks more and more evident that Wilson and New York are heading towards an outright release.

Releasement will send Wilson into free agency and likely he would end up signed within 24 hours. It’s not that Zach is a horrible horrible biggest QB bust to ever live – it’s a business move, the NFL is a business. If I was a GM I would wait for Wilson to be released as well, if there’s an opportunity to get the same player for less then that’s a move that any interested GM would make.

Zach Wilson will be moved this offseason, it just won’t be by trade.

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