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You Can’t Say This Basketball Player’s Name In Public

There have been thousands of players to play the game of basketball over the years, with thousands more playing today in different leagues and with even more players to come over time. There are so many unique names in the basketball community but one stands out from the rest: Steeve Ho You Fat.

Steeve Ho You Fat is a French professional basketball player who plays for Metropolitans 92 in LNB Pro A league. The 34-year old Forward rocks the No.15 jersey on the court for the 92s. His name went viral on Twitter and Instagram with even ESPN posing about it due to his last name: Ho You Fat. He may be play in a French basketball league, but Steeve Ho You Fat is America’s favorite basketball player despite not even playing on an American league based team. The name stands out so much, I would not be surprised if this name never grows old in the basketball community.

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