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Yankees Have Spent $0 In Free Agency This Offseason (So Far)

$0 — That’s how much the New York Yankees have spent this free agency as we are now in the new year.

Yes, the Yankees did make a $300M offer to Yoshinobu Yamamoto, but that’s all it ever was: an offer. 

The Yankees are one of four MLB teams and the only American League team that hasn't spent a single dollar in free agency this offseason, per Jeff Passan.

With over 100 free agents still on the market and New York trading for Juan Soto, Yankee fans shouldn’t worry — Right?

I find it a little concerning that New York is yet to make any signing, especially considering that top free agents such as Blake Snell and Cody Bellinger remain unsigned. I’ve spent more on a 5-pack of baseball cards yesterday than the Yankees have spent in free agency this offseason. 

Despite the lack of moves I do believe that GM Brian Cashman will work his magic and sign a free agent sooner rather than later. Seeing the un-urgent Yankees though makes it hard to imagine the team go out and sign a top free agent. 

We know the Pinstripes have been in contact with Gio Urshela, but so have the Mets who have equally as much money as their cross-town rivals. Besides Urshela and Yamamoto, the Yankees have been quiet on the market.

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