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Yankees And Mets On Verge Of Making Baseball History

Moneyball has played a huge part in baseball this season. The two highest payroll teams sit at the bottom of their respective divisions as teams with a fraction of their funds are playing the best baseball right now.

The New York Mets have a payroll that sits around $364M as the Yankees hold a payroll around the $247M range, New York owns the top two highest payroll teams this season.

Between the Mets and Yankees, there is about $600M combined in essentially two last place teams.

2023 is marking up one of the worst seasons in New York baseball history. The Mets have been below .500% for multiple weeks and hold a 1 game lead to last place, as the Yankees remain just a single game above the mark and sit in last place.

Both teams have been in New York for 22,407 days, only one day – Aug. 5th, 1967 – have they each owned sole possession of last place.

We are witnessing potential baseball history in New York, but it is for all the bad reasons.

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