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Will New York Regret Hiring Pete Laviolette?

Yesterday it was announced that the New York Rangers signed Peter Laviolette as head coach.

Though nothing is officially complete transaction wise, Laviolette will man the bench as New York’s 44th head coach in franchise history.

Laviolette was fired several weeks ago by the Washington Capitals, after posting a sub .500% 35-37-10 record.

Overall many Rangers’ fans are not happy with the hiring, and are they really wrong?

Lavy doesn’t like playing younger players, relying more on veteran talent, which will definitely shift the lines.

Rangers hockey has had a championship contending team the last two seasons, but have failed in the playoffs.

I would expect from an analysis level that the expectations for Laviolette is to bring New York to the Cup Finals within the next two seasons, all the pieces are already in place.

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