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Why The Nets 96-95 Loss Sums Up Their 2023/24 Season

The Brooklyn Nets lost 96-95 yesterday in an all-out battle against the Miami Heat. The 1 point loss really sums up Brooklyn’s season: so close, but yet so far. And it’s frustrating — Extremely frustrating. 

The 16-23 Nets just haven’t been able to click this season.

34/22 splits gave Brooklyn their second game shooting under 40% in the new year. But in the end, it was more than just bad shooting. 

Jacque Vaughn failed massively to push the green light on what many thought was a winnable challenge off a Dennis Smith Jr. personal to preserve a timeout, then inexplicably didn’t use it.

The Nets need a fire to be ignited, they need a momentum shifting game. Facing the 10-win Trail Blazers tomorrow night, the Nets could start a streak with a blowout win.

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